Research partnership highlights importance of community Homes Hub in Greater Manchester



Housing Futures, a research partnership looking to advance understanding about the current and future potential of community-led housing, has published a report into how community-led housing can contribute to a more equitable, inclusive and democratic housing landscape in Greater Manchester.

The partnership brought together academics, housing sector professionals, and members of the Greater Manchester cooperative and housing movement to share knowledge about a range of community-led models, from cooperatives and co-housing to community land trusts.

The report highlights the actions needed to progress community-led housing across the city-region. One of which was the set-up of the GM Community Homes Hub.

Julie Ralph, member of the GM Community Homes Steering Group, contributed to the report which highlights the importance of creating the hub as an enabler for community-led housing groups.

The report suggests that with strong collaborative relationships with the Combined Authority and the ten local Greater Manchester authorities, the hub will be critical for the promotion of a strong effective community-led housing sector.

It also suggests that in a de-industrialised city-region with some of the highest national poverty rates, our explicit focus should be on promoting access to affordable community-led housing for people on low incomes.


Read the report here